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Download Free Lightroom For PC/Windows Latest Version

Do you enjoy editing photos and videos? Lightroom is a cool program for Windows computers that makes editing fun. It’s really popular and has awesome features to make your pictures and videos look amazing. Plus, you get to use a big screen, which makes editing even better!

If you’re tired of editing on a small phone screen, this version of Lightroom for your computer is perfect. It’s like having a big canvas to work on! If you live in Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, or Nepal, you should give it a try!
You can easily download this Editing app on pc by just clicking the download button below.

Details of Lightroom For PC

App NameAdobe Lightroom
CompatibilityWindow 10
Download For PCBlueStacks
Last UpdatedToday

About Lightroom Mod APK for PC

Want to make your photos and videos look awesome? Lightroom is a cool app that lots of people are talking about! Even if you use the free version, you still get 70% of the features. But if you want all the best stuff, go to our LR mod Apk page and download Lightroom MOD PC.

This app has all sorts of neat tools like color grading, healing brushes, presets, filters, and even cool titles and subtitles with backgrounds. With these tools, you can make your pictures and videos look super fancy!

One of the best things about Lightroom is the healing brush. It helps you get rid of things you don’t want in your pictures and fixes any parts that look funny. And there’s also an auto tool that makes your pictures look better automatically.

People in all our the world Especially in Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Nepal like using Lightroom! So if you want to make your pictures and videos awesome, give it a try!

Download For PC

How to download and install Lightroom for PC?

You can easily Download Lr for Pc for free by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Play Store and tap on the button to open it.
  2. Type Adobe Lightroom in the search bar.
  3. Tap on the “Install” button.. 
  4. After it’s downloaded, tap on it again to install it.
  5. Congrats, Lightroom is now on your device! Open it up.
  6. You can sign in using Adobe, Facebook, or Apple accounts, but it’s best to use Google. Agree to the terms & conditions.
  7. Tap on “Add a project”.
  8. Once your project is uploaded, you can start editing using the tools.

Features of Lightroom App?

Lightroom for PC has lots of cool stuff to make your photos and videos awesome, like changing colors, using ready-made styles, and special tools for editing. It’s easy to use and helps you make your pictures look super cool!
Here are the 6 best Features of lightroom.

No Advertisement

Don’t you hate it when ads pop up while you’re trying to edit your photos or videos? Well, you won’t have to worry about that with Lightroom for Windows. It’s completely ad-free, so you can edit in peace without any annoying interruptions.

Fully Safe

Your privacy and security are important, and Lightroom takes that seriously. Any information you provide while creating an account or subscribing is kept safe and secure. Lightroom makes sure your data is protected, so you can edit with peace of mind.

Smooth & Easy Use

It has a simple interface that makes editing your videos and photos quick and easy. You just pick the images and videos you want to edit from your gallery, and Lightroom makes them editable in no time.

Quick & Fast Work

Lightroom MOD for PC is all about saving you time. It gives you quick access to all its tools, so you can edit your projects without any delays. Everything runs smoothly.

Professional Camera

One awesome thing about Lightroom is that it comes with a professional-level camera. This built-in camera lets you capture high-quality photos right within the app.

Lagging Free

Nobody likes it when software or tools lag and slow down. That’s why Lightroom is designed to be lag-free. You won’t experience any delays or lagging while using it, so you can focus on your editing without any interruptions.

Lightroom Apk PC Premium Features

  • Simple and easy-to-use design
  • Professional-grade camera built-in
  • Runs smoothly without any lag
  • Works quickly and efficiently
  • All premium features unlocked
  • Secure and safe to use
  • No annoying ads
  • Add watermarks to protect your work
  • Lots of colors and fonts to choose from
  • AI tools for making cool videos


In the premium version of Lightroom Mod for PC, you get all the features unlocked without any ads bothering you. To access all these features, simply download Lightroom onto your PC/Computer/Window and then subscribe to Lightroom Pro for membership.
With Lightroom Premium membership, you can enjoy all these features for a lifetime. The free version of Lightroom Mod For PC offers about seventy percent of these features, but with Lightroom Pro, you can access all of Lightroom’s features forever.
So, if you’re interested in using Lightroom mod, just download Lightroom from the provided website and get started!

Pros And Cons Of Lightroom For PC

Powerful editing toolsSubscription-based model
Integration with Adobe ecosystemSteep learning curve
Organizational featuresResource-intensive
Non-destructive editingLimited offline access
Regular updates

How to download and install Lightroom for PC using Bluestaks?

  1. Download and Install Bluestacks: Go to the Bluestacks website and download the Bluestacks emulator for PC. Once downloaded, follow the installation instructions to install Bluestacks on your computer.
  2. Open Bluestacks: After installing Bluestacks, open the application on your PC.
  3. Sign in to Google Account: Upon opening Bluestacks, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your Google account. Sign in with your Google account credentials.
  4. Access Google Play Store: Once signed in, you’ll have access to the Google Play Store within Bluestacks.
  5. Search for Lightroom: In the search bar of the Google Play Store, type “Adobe Lightroom” and press Enter.
  6. Install Lightroom: Click on the Lightroom app from the search results, then click on the “Install” button to begin the installation process.
  7. Complete Installation: Once the installation is complete, you can find the Lightroom app icon in the Bluestacks app drawer.
  8. Open Lightroom: Click on the Lightroom app icon to open it. You may need to sign in or create an Adobe account to use the app.
  9. Start Editing: Now you can start editing your photos and videos using Lightroom on your PC through Bluestacks.


Lightroom for PC is a photo and video editing software designed for computers running Windows operating systems. It offers a wide range of tools and features to enhance and edit images and videos.

Yes, Lightroom for PC offers a free version with basic features. However, for access to advanced tools and features, users may need to subscribe to a premium version.

Some key features of Lightroom for PC include powerful editing tools, a user-friendly interface, professional-grade camera functionality, the ability to add watermarks, a wide variety of colors and fonts, AI tools for creating engaging content, and a lag-free experience.

Yes, Lightroom for PC is considered safe to use. Adobe, the company behind Lightroom, prioritizes user security and regularly updates the software to address any potential vulnerabilities.

Yes, Lightroom for PC allows users to edit both photos and videos. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for editing and enhancing images, as well as features specifically tailored for video editing, making it a versatile option for creators.


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